About EVA Filter,

We, the Aquadec GmbH, are  license holders with the exclusive marketing rights for the distribution of EVA filtre systems in Germany and Austria. This contractual arrangement was concluded without restrictions with the French importer for Europe, UTILéBIO France, and approved by the manufacturer EVA®Health-Tech Industry Co. Ltd. Korea.

Last year, 2014,  "Stiftung Warentest" found the pollutant dichloromethane in the water of EVA Filter 700. Subsequently, we commissioned accredited laboratories with the testing of the EVA filtre systems, with the result that the filtre cartridge, more precisely the adhesive, was the cause of dichloromethane in the water. Unfortunately, and completely incomprehensible to us, neither the importer UTILéBIO France nor the producer  EVA®Health-Tech Industry Co. Ltd. Korea recognized responsibility, but instead even doubted the definite results, without having any tests according to EU directives performed themselves. All measures  for clarification and regulation requested by us have been ignored.

Since then, we have no longer been supplied by the importer Monsieur Baron de Utilebio France Chartres,- despite a contract that remains valid. Nevertheless, it was important to us that we try to supply all of our EVA customers with new pollution-free cartridges - even without the support of our abovementioned supplier.                                             Dichlormethan tests ; : Prüfbericht_Dichlormethan_1 AIT      Stiftung Warentest Labortest0001        But as we were determined not to let this behaviour dissuade us from our philosophy, which is to distribute filtration systems that produce clean and healthy water, we founded our own company in 2014,

the YVE + BIO GmbH ( We have our products tested in accordance with EU directives by accredited institutions on a regular basis, which should really be a matter of course in this sector. Our pollution-free cartridges, as well as several other components, are also compatible with the EVA filter systems. So you can continue to use your EVA filter without concern and enjoy its positive qualities.

Under "Special Offers" on the YVE + BIO website ( you will also find the following products from EVA-filter systems:

The Eva-Filters „EVA 700“, „Eva 1200“ und „Eva 2500“. 

All products that we supply from Germany are tested and pollutant-free!

Naturally, we can not guarantee freedom from harmful substances for EVA products, which are not supplied by Yve-BIO


Spare parts for EVA Filters:


New: now upper and lower glass tanks for the 1200.        without cover and spacer ring

EVA 70000018

New: now glass tank for the 700, handblown from leadfree crystal glass. without spacer ring


Filtre cartridge compatible for EVA Filtres, free from dichloromethane, confirmed    accredited laboratories. see here

Ceramics filtre opening 0,2 µm (micrometre)

Mineral basket that can be used   for your Eva filtre, or  refill package

Faucet with magnet

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The Aquadec GmbH is the license holder
for the exclusive marketing rights for the EVA-filter and its components in Germany and Austria, granted by the European importer UTILéBIO France and the manufacturer EVA®Health-Tech Industry Co. Ltd. Korea. Should other German distributors of EVA products occur on the international market and advertise or sell in Germany / Austria, we are forced to sue them for damages.

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